I have the good fortune that I have been able to travel to a few interesting locations and spend a significant amount of time there.

I would certainly not suggest that there is a lack of history in the Americas, as that is obviously not the case. However - durable, longstanding structure and visible artifacts are not nearly as pervasive here.

I loved and enjoyed nearly every aspect of my time spent in Athens. The liveliness, density, contrasts, was amazing. One of the things that gave me a certain emotional ‘kick’ was the way that amazing artificats that match seem to abound and appear everywhere

In many

Just throw it over there for a seat…

In the park

Fill For a Church and Another Bench

Ancient Fill For Mountainside Church - St. Mark Church in

A column appears to be incorporated into a wall as mere fill.

What I believe is an abacus of a column that is laid alongside a path with no other purpose than to be a bench. Clearly someone sat and ate an orange very recently.

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