Perhaps by cognitivie necessity I found the Danish War Museum very interestingly self-aware of the place.

Notably - the history frankly expressed the fact that Denmark seemed to have lost nearly all the wars that it had fought in.

Denmark has almost certainly benefitied mightily from NATO. I have often conjected (and played a tiny bit with the data) that Western Europe has had some signitivant aid in it’s fairly progr4essive social policies by the fact that they are able to spend significantly less of their resources on defense than they would otherwise have to in the global nation-state system because they fall under the umbrella of American soft-empire.

The museum also had intepretive remarks where they frankly talked about their participation in the Aghanistan war. I think it speaks well of Denmark’s willingness to contribute to the collective organization. They also frankly discussed that war fightint is subserviant to political